Gypsy's Travels

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow No More

It came; we saw; it melted....

When I wakened yesterday morning, our small world was still white. The sun glistened off the blankets of snow, providing a picture perfect morning. It was cold but the sun was persistent and by afternoon we had returned to our regular matte-finish world. Oh, there are still small pockets of snow persevering in shady areas to remind us that what we experienced was real, but mostly we are left with brisk, fresh air and a very bright sun.

Walking at 6 a.m. in 25 degree weather,,,,priceless,,,,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Day of Snow in the Hill Country

It finally snowed!

It wasn't in Colorado, New Mexico, or Missouri,,,,it was in my own back yard! After some freezing weather here and snow north of us, up in Dallas / Ft Worth, we had some beautiful warm days. Sping teases us like that. Not even the bluebonnets truly herald Spring; I have learned to wait for the pecan trees to leaf out before I know I have truly seen the last of the cold weather.

Thus, our short-lived week of Spring-like weather gave way to another dose of winter. In this area where we pray for rain and a cool front all summer, we had snow. Not just a few frugal flakes, but big, sopping wet, hunks of it floating and dropping from the sky. The ground underneath still harbored the earlier warmth, but the snow "stuck" and provided a thick layer on everything. If it falls below freezing tonight, the roads will be deadly for our inexperienced drivers because the water will freeze and leave driving surfaces slick.

Nevertheless, I indulged my fantasy this morning and went for a walk in the falling snow. Layered clothing kept me warm. My camera kept me focused. I walked a couple of miles in a winter wonderland where no one else ventured. The snow covered lawns and sidewalks and I had them all to myself. Mine were the only footprints. Happiness is a 2 mile walk in falling snow.....