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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Travels with Charley - "The Sorting"

If you are at all familiar with the story of Harry Potter, you remember that the first order of business on their arrival at Hogwartz School, is to be "sorted" into groups. Sara and her sister, Hannah, were in charge of the children's program and they did a great job of "Sorting" the children.

The names of groups from the book were not used, probably because there were some that were less popular than others. The names they made up were imaginative and fun for everyone. After all, who would not want to be a "Fwooper", "Puffskin,"
or "Billywig"?

In the book, the "sorting" is done by a magic talking hat. How could we expect anything less for our group? The kids were delighted and I don't think some of them quite figured out how it was done.

Most of the kids had read all the "Harry Potter" books as well as having seen the movies...several the interaction was great. It was really fun to hear them keeping each other honest on all the tiniest of details. The groups had small competitions which led to prize at the end. Everyone received a prize. but they did not weaken the contest by giving each group the same thing. My favorite competition was the "Good Manners" one.

When Sara or Hannah observed a child using especially good manners , the child's team earned a point. Holding the door for others, pouring water for the person seated next to you, asking politely to be excused. and a myraid of other manners we have always tried to drill into our children's heads, became predominant behaviors.

Not only were Sara and Hannah great with the children, they had the energy to wear the kids out before the grandparents took overPosted by Picasaand announced it was absolutely bedtime so they would be able to carry on the next day.
After a cup of hot chocolate and a short time to read at night, Charlie was ready to sleep very soundly.