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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Journey to Japan - Nezu Museum

The displays of pottery are great but Em and I prefer fabric related items so, after a cursory visit to the beautifully appointed Nezu Museum, we head out the door to the gardens.

Japanese gardens use all the space allotted to them. Even a small garden can be intricate and complicated in its simplicity. Each time you turn a corner or look back in the direction from whence you have just come, there is another view.

The gardens invite meditation and tranquil thoughts and do not always consist of only plants. I recall the beauty of a garden consisting of only mosses when DH, the children and I visited many years ago. I will have to find and post those photos.
A lone ginkgo leaf rests on a boulder. It is an invitation to stop, sit, and contemplate.

A bit of ancient architecture reminds us how far we have come.

An open gate, constructed of natural materials, invites us to follow the path to additional treasures.....and the emerging colors of Fall.....

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