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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When I first started this blog I wondered what I would find to write about everyday, but things just appear and beg to be noticed. For instance, today's "Austin American Statesman" carried a story on the front page about pickle sickles. Some enterprising person used the juice from the big 5-gallon pails of dill pickles, to make pickle sickles. He says he has a "proprietary method" of preparing them, then he freezes the juice in plastic wrappers and sells it. I applaud his vision!

A few years ago, and still popular in places now, vinegar was touted as the new-age cure-all.

Over the centuries, vinegar has been used in a variety of ways, including as
a beverage and a preservative. Hippocrates praised vinegar for what he
considered its medicinal qualities. Vinegar has been used to treat wounds,
rashes and bites. Vinegar is quite handy around the house as well. This liquid
can be used to remove laundry stains, to set colors when dyeing clothing, to
clean the oven and even to brighten stainless steel.

I wonder if someone will do a study to determine if we should all be eating pickle sickles and I wonder about the salt content.


  1. What branch of government would fund a study and who on earth would they find as study participants?

  2. Hi J. Love your writing. ME's book is out and now they want 2 more chapters for another one. Both uf us have been researching for it. One chapter was mailed out and the next will be this coming week, I hope.

    See y'all later.

  3. I think the same people who finance those other inane studies would bite at the chance to study this one!

    UD and M.E.,
    I am soooo proud of you!
    Why not send me a link and let's stir up some action?


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