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Monday, December 17, 2007

Take Two

DD#1 was busy making hamburgers for her boys. They only like ketchup and pickles on their hamburgers, so she buys Stackers pickles - large pickles sliced lengthwise. Two Stackers are just enough to cover the hamburger. When the boys asked how many pickles they could have, she automatically answered "two" without looking.
Whoops! They weren't stackers, but the boys did only take the two they were allowed.
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  1. At least they followed her instructions, next time she'll have to ba a little more explicit.

  2. Or pay more attention to what she is feeding them? I am just happy they are listening!

  3. Hey, I love to take pickles out of the jar and just eat them plain.

  4. So your driving Santa's sleigh to St. Lou? Good luck, how many of the kids will you get to herd?


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