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Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Practice Packing"

DS, Tia, and "W," are safely in Seoul. Now their adventure begins.
I will be traveling alone on most of the flights, having booked separately from DS, but am looking forward to meeting him in Bangkok and traveling. NO TOUR.....YEAAAAHHHHH! We will be feeling our way around the country with very little agenda. We do agree on Wats, historical sites, and the out-of-the-ordinary. I must add textiles as well. There is no better way to travel, in my opinion.

Have already hit one "snag." The airline canceled my flight from Bangkok to Shanghai and booked me on a MUCH earlier one - 2AM instead of 9AM - so, not only do I get to get up in the middle of the night, I get to spend 11 hours at the Shanghai airport waiting for my connecting flight to Seoul. I should know every shop and item in the airport by then. Of course, my perusing will most likely be limited to the transit area. Hmmmm...I wonder if I can gain access to an airline lounge. I think I will be a living example of why they call it the "Red Eye" flight.

Meanwhile, I am getting ready for my departure. This includes "practice packing," which is on the schedule today. I have not tried this before, usually throwing a lot of things in at the last minute, especially when traveling by car. This time, I am taking one small suitcase and a backpack, so I must practice the various tips I have gathered, and used in the past. The problem is not how much I might take, but wanting to have room to bring "stuff" (read "fabric") home. Yes, I will be leaving a trail of abandoned clothing.
The countdown has begun....


  1. LOL, remembering, thinking "smart cookie" to practice packing, traveling light, and forwarding thinking of returning with less clothing and more treasures. Bon Voyage!
    You 1940 Cohort

  2. superb.Have a new poem on my blog.u always drop by.Do so again.


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