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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trip with Abs - Heading Home - 5 July 2009

The Elderhostel program was over and we left St. George, Utah, to head home. Abs' family was preparing to move to Colorado and Gunner was waiting to give her a hug before he left.

I decided to make a couple of stops that were not out of the way and thought Abs might enjoy.

Somewhere I missed a turn and missed the weird houses I had seen previously but we did get a closer view of Glen Canyon Dam. Abs must have been a little anxious to get on the road because she declined to take a tour of the inner workings. Of course she did want to visit the attached book shop where we ended up with another book on dinosaurs.
We stopped early enough to drive through the painted desert

and visit the Petrified Forest (free with our National Parks Pass). The Ranger Station had scavenger hunt papers and Abs was all into it. She earned a pin and a patch and learned something in the process.
Abs was fascinated by the petrified wood.
She found it particularly interesting to see how dry the area was and learn how the trees had once stood straight and tall by a big lake that was frequented by dinosaurs. It really brought the entire picture into better focus.
Of course, we are never to busy to watch the rainbow and remember the promises God has made to us.
We watched the sun set as we headed back to our last night in a hotel. We would make it all the way home the next day.


  1. The Petrified Forest is in the Painted Desert part of Arizona. Very picturesque.

  2. What a fabulous trip you had! Looks like you have a budding scientist there. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and the stories of your adventures. I am so happy for you and for Abs that you got to spend this precious time together, making memories. :)


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