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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Eve of Thanksgiving Eve

I have always been rather "directionally challenged". Thank goodness the roads run both ways and I can find anything, well almost anything, on my GPS. I was so busy enjoying the drive today that I missed my turn, so I opted for small country road through northern New Mexico (469 off I-40 at Logan, to Hwy 29, on up to I-25). Nice drive, no traffic, the scenery of desolate plains, and ...worst of all....speed limits ranging from 35 to 55 mph. It seemed to take forever and I just knew if I exceeded the limit there would be a policeman lying in wait. No matter that everyone else ignored the speed limit. They are the ones who never get caught,I managed to make up some time on the freeways where the speed limits were often 75 mph..

Finally, the snow-capped mountain range appeared on the horizon. With explicit directions from DD-Ko, I homed in on her residence on the grounds of the Air Force Academy. I only had to show my ID to the security guard at the gate....and let him check the contents of the car. He took one look at the load I was transporting and waved me on through. Probably thought the Beverly Hillbillies were moving in, but it was just another load that included over sized dinosaurs, various collections of rocks, plants entrusted to my care, and various clothes being exchanged by siblings whose children had out-grown them.

The residential area is in a shaded area where previous snow has not melted, but hardened over to form ice. The greetings of my grandchildren were most satisfying. I have a whole week with them before I have to return.

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  1. We hope that the kids can take you to some of the interesting places that they seem to go to every weekend. Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING from us.


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