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Friday, May 14, 2010

One for Lunch

DH and I discovered "Gia Como's Italian Cuisine" in McAlester, Oklahoma, several years ago and always made it a point to eat there when we were in the area (501 S George Nigh Expy, McAlester, OK).
I "discovered" it again today when I saw "cheap" gas and stopped to fill up while there was a break in the rain. I looked forward to a good meal and sorting through a few good memories at the same time.

DH and I had always enjoyed our stops here. It is a busy restaurant and, although the staff is a bit harried, they are amiable. A pleasant level of cheerful chatter amidst the clatter of china and utensils, lends a happy atmosphere to this traditional restaurant, well-attended by locals and travelers.

The food was very good and still plentiful enough to serve me for two meals. I ordered the Chicken Florentine served over steamed spinach. All meals come with salad, bread, an "antipasto plate" (this one consisted of 4 pickled peppers), a huge meatball, 2 huge ravioli, and a large plate of spaghetti with "special sauce."  The meal was delicious and appeared to be all home made. I just wish I had carried my book in to read while I waited.

For some reason (the tables had not been cleaned after the initial lunch rush?), the staff was not able to seat me in either of the dining areas which were partially filled with amiably chattering patrons. I was escorted to another room where nine rectangular tables were lined up in two rows, with a center aisle. Each table was set for 6-8 people. I was placed at a small round table set for three and situated at the top of the room where, if it had been a meeting, I could have easily directed the proceedings in the room. The two unneeded place settings at my table were cleared. I was utterly alone in this large room.

I waited with my glass of water and a menu, finally deciding that I would leave at a predetermined period of waiting if I had not been attended. Just before the time expired, a server wandered in to gather some take out boxes and, with some surprise, asked if I had been forgotten.
"I was just wondering the same thing," I answered.
She reappeared a moment later to take my order. I was served in due time, and the bill was left on the table.

I finished my meal, helped myself to a couple of take out boxes from the stash on the shelf, and readied myself to go. I paid my bill and left. The food was good. My memories were tainted.

With the increase in single travelers, it would be nice if people dining alone were offered the opportunity to share a table with others who were dining alone and would like company. A convivial table where people could come and go and enjoy some conversation, if desired. It would also prevent one person from taking up a seating for several. Almost anything would be better than dining alone in a room prepared for 100.

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  1. I don't know how long you waited but I would have been all over the manager. We had an instance in one of our trips in the SW where we were seated and the servers worked around us but never took our order, as We rose to leave and eat some where else, the manager stopped us and wanted us to pay before leaving. It took quite some talking on my part to make him understand what what had happened.


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