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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An Afternoon of Exploration

 David and I planned an afternoon of exploration to keep the jet lag at bay. Walking, of course, is my favorite way to see everything and David was really into it.

Auto repair shop

Immediately around the corner from our hotel, tucked in beside the other, normally encountered shops, was a car repair place. Most of the cars in Italy are tiny and the streets are narrow, so this  little place was just the right size. They may have repaired the ubiquitous Vespas as well, but there was a small Fiat in front and the driver was entering the establishment.

Headed in a general direction of sites listed in the book, we did not have to venture far before discovering Roman ruins. The whole city is built on other layers of civilization and archaeologists are slowly peeling the layers back, like an onion.
Amidst the heavy traffic and modern buildings, the remains of the Aula Ottagona and the Baths of Diocletian suddenly appeared as we rounded a corner. These were built at the turn of the 4th century and have been used in various capacities over the centuries.
Apparently, they were open to the public at one time but now are closed. Here, centuries-old bricks have watched in silence as humankind has evolved to its present state. Here, in a sheltered corner, shaded by the stones of antiquity, I watched as a man prepared his "fix", took care of his body's craving, then shared with his female companion before they both quietly blended back in to the crowded street. I wonder, how far have we really evolved?

I would think summer is not the best time to visit Rome. Plus, it apparently has been an especially beastly summer, with weather much like that we left behind. David opted for some nice, cold watermelon from a street vendor and we found a bench where we could sit and rest our feet for a few minutes.

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