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Sunday, November 25, 2007


We have almost finished the turkey leftovers. Turkey enchiladas last night and turkey soup tonight. I have improved my soup making skills over the last few years. There is still a little turkey meat left and I will aim for turkey pot-pie in the next day or so. Every year about this time, I wish I had bought the hen instead of the tom.

Last year my neighbor's children came down for Thanksgiving and decorated her house the next day for Christmas. I told my children this was the new standard, so 3 DDs and Sarge (DH of DD#2) took on the challenge and did the heavy work. It really looks nice. I just have to do the details in the house and I am done. The grandchildren helped decorate the tree. I am so thankful for help from my children!

It has been a delight watching all seven grandchildren interact over the past few days. Sure, there have been a few rough spots, but that is to be expected from children who have come together from all over the world. The main objective is to foster a sense of extended family and let them get to know each other. The 2 ten year olds are working on being "teenagers," the 2 six year olds are still learning to be "big kids", and the youngest three are trying to keep up with the rest. It has been a beehive of activity around here. I love it!


  1. How wonderful that your family helped you decorate your home! This was a great word picture of family life. "Beehive" is an excellent choice of words with 7 grandchildren. There really is nothing better than just being with family, is there? I had planned to have a family tree-decorating this weekend as well, but my daughter's husband was sick. Instead of decorating, I put on a big pot of soup and enjoyed visiting with two of my grandkids and their mother.

  2. Christmas decorations have been minimal for some time now, we leave it up to D#1 and her kids to provide the decorations. We always go there for Christmas anyway. It's easier to transport two than to get five to move in a common direction period.

  3. Oh my, your post reminds me of my family back home (Philippines), especially my nephew and nieces. I haven't seen the two girls yet. I feel bad for not seeing them when they were newborns and still I would not be able see them as they grow up. I could just imagine the commotion when it's time to dress up our house for Christmas!!! *sniff*


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