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Monday, November 19, 2007

Love and Reality

I am not a fan of reality shows. Having said that, I admit to enjoying "The Amazing Race" and even have aspirations to participate. I never watch "Survivor" because it has too many gross things. I occasionally do watch "The Bachelor," vicariously enjoying the romance while marveling at the disregard of women for their integrity.

This season's bachelor, Brad, was an absolute dream. He was nice looking, successful, had all the right words, seemed very romantic, and professed a commitment to making good decisions. If anyone was aware of a major red flag, they chose to ignore it. Brad confessed to having been in at least two "long-term" relationships. Now he was searching for the ideal woman, a soul mate. Are you reading loud and clear? This man avoids a commitment! His decision tonight was no revelation; the signs were there all along.

He gave some other warnings that were ignored. He runs four bars and admittedly works late most nights. Hey, he's good looking. Do you really think the ladies don't hit on him? A relationship would have to be very secure to hold up under that pressure.

What about the women who appear on these shows? Do they truly expect to find true love in just a few weeks? They are all beautiful, talented, successful, sexy women. Why are they in tears after being sent home? Why were they there in the first place?

"I feel like this was my last chance at real love," one sobbed.

It is almost a requirement that each one "fall in love" with the one bachelor. They often verbally attack the other women, and scramble to be one of the ones who spends a "romantic night" with him. Never mind that he is hugging and kissing everyone equally and, apparently, sleeping with them indiscriminately. He doesn't have to profess "love," although he must maintain an affectionate appearance to all, but he wants to know that the women "love" him.

I happened on a similar show called "The Girls Meet the Cowboy", or something like that. Four city girls spent a weekend at a ranch in hopes of being the "one" chosen by the 23 year-old cowboy. Her prize- "A romantic week with him in the Bahamas."

This is mindless escapism. That is not a bad thing, but I silently grieve for women who feel they must bargain their integrity when they have so much to offer. Of course, I grew up in the dark ages and "things are different now."

In all the various aspects of our lives, we all have a price. I have yet to find out what mine is. I wonder if you know what yours is.


  1. I enjoyed this post! I have wondered some of the same things myself, such as why women would denegrate themselves to be on shows like The Bachelor. I haven't watched it but was tempted last night after seeing the teaser for the finale. I didn't and find myself wondering what kind of suprise twist it had. There always has to be something new to hold our interest, and that pushes the boundaries further and further.

    I have become hooked on Kid Nation. It's amazing to see how they work out their problems and deal with each other. Have you seen it?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Cheryl. My you were up early!
    No, I have not seen Kid Nation. Sounded like an interesting concept. I read "Lord of the Flies" years ago and found it very disturbing. Maybe the reality show is more, well.....realistic?

    The twist was - he did not choose either woman.

  3. Next you'll tell me that you watched a show on Fox years ago called "Paradise Hotel." It was pure smut.

  4. I have never heard of "Paradise Hotel."
    We did watch "Apartment 29" in Australia. It was really funny, especially since it really pushed the boundaries of its time. Actually, way ahead of the U.S. back then.


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