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Friday, March 14, 2008


How do we keep up with Gunner while he is in Iraq? It is not easy. As his m-in-law, I encourage him to direct his phone calls and letters to his wife and children. I can get my info from them and he doesn't need to divert his brief opportunities for communication.

My father served in WWII and Korea and one of my brothers served in Vietnam. We lived on tenterhooks in those days of snail mail communication. Onion skin paper for airmail letters that arrived infrequently and in bunches, bore news that was old by the time we got it. Of course, not much news was allowed and the ink almost obscured the writing because Dad wrote on both side of the thin paper. It was enough just knowing he could find a few moments to write and that he was still alive. No TV news in the early years. Mother and I walked two miles to the Post Office twice each day, hoping for a letter. After receiving one, we would rest a couple of days before starting our trek again. Our images came from newspaper photos and MovieTone News. Now, the troops have some access to e-mail and, sometimes, webcams. We watched in awe as we saw the war unfold.

The best way we have to keep up with what is going on now, is through Babcock. Bob Babcock is relentless in searching out pertinent news and passing it on to those of us who must wait behind.

From Babcock's Newsletter:

"...There is nothing on this green earth that is stronger than the US Army, because there is nothing on this green earth that is stronger than a US Army Soldier..."

For the latest news, pictures, and information from 4ID, regularly check:

Baghdad 4 Day weather forecast - beginning March 14:

Fri, Hi - 76, Lo - 60, mostly sunny;

Sat, Hi - 72, Lo - 50, sunny;

Sun, Hi - 76, Lo - 50, partly cloudy;

Mon, Hi - 80, Lo - 54, mostly sunny.

300 From 4th ID 1st Brigade Continue With Deployment
Posted on: Tuesday, March 11, 2008, 3:22 AM
By Amanda Kim Stairrett

Killeen Daily Herald
About 300 Soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team left Fort Hood for the Middle East on Monday morning. The Soldiers are set to serve 15 months in Iraq. Soldiers of the 1st Brigade are expected to continue leaving Fort Hood through the end of the week. It was announced in late October that the 1st Brigade's deployment would be pushed back several months. Those Soldiers were originally scheduled to leave Fort Hood in November and December. The change was likely based on the then-current situation in Iraq, and with drawdowns and re-alignments, the Army didn't need 1st Brigade until March, Lt. Col. Steven Stover, a brigade spokesman, said in October.

Friends and Family members who would want to receive updates, send first and last names from the email address they want me to use, and ask to be added to my distribution list. Anyone who wants to receive these direct from me is more than welcome to be put onto my distribution list.

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  1. When I served, the mail came by ship and was about 30 days later than the postmark. One time our Mom sent a box of chocolate ship cookies, they arrived but we had to eat them with spoons. Most of our information about happenings in the states, (The Land of Big PX's), was by listening to programs on AFRTS & BBC on shortwave radios.

  2. I remember onion skin paper and air mail envelopes too. I was in during the Korean War but grew up during World War II. We have people living with us during the war and they had relatives all over Europe. For them to get mail was a miracle.

    Good luck to your family in Iraq. My granddaughter was there at the beginning of this war and if you have to go there that would be the best time as it was pretty much before all of the IDs.

    I enjoy reading your blog.


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