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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Et Tu, Ute

I don't really want to get political on this blog, but I am wondering.....

Listening to a speech by Obama yesterday, I heard him thanking everyone who was even remotely within earshot. One thank you was directed to a Native American tribe in Colorado.
"I want to thank the Utes," he said.
He pronounced it "You - tay." Someone by his side must have caught it because he quickly, and quietly, pronounced it again, properly. Now, I wonder.....

Am I the only one who heard it?

Was the tribe offended?

Why did Obama, or someone on his trusted team, not bring him up-to-speed on the pronunciation of something that important. That is like mispronouncing someones name.

Why does the press pounce on a Conservative faux pas, and pass on the Liberal?

Does the Press not know how to pronounce Ute, thus missing the mispronunciation?

Just wondering......

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  1. Having worked with and for and studied the Native American's most of my adult life, I would guess most of the world's population would recognize the word Utah but not what it was derived from, The Ute Nation.


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