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Friday, September 26, 2008

Travels with Em - "Hampton Court Palace"

Not only did we have audio tapes to guide us through the Palace, we had a guide who worked as a character in the Tudor time period. This lovely lady talked and moved fast. Since no photos were allowed inside many of the buildings, I have few visual offerings. "Lady Jane" was on her way to petition the Queen and invited us to go along. Her counterpart, Lord Gerald, was on a similar mission. Thus the large group was split prior to attending the audience with the Queen.
Amid lively repartee, we learned of the procedure for presenting a petition. A spirited discussion in the chambers ensued and Lady Jane's petition was bested by Lord Gerald's. She made it quite clear that one reason she gave in was that a man's voice was more likely to be heard than a mere woman's.
As the Queen entered the chambers, we were advised that we needed to bow very low. I whispered to Emily that we had won the right to stand, and stand we did. The entire exercise was a delightful way to learn some history.

One small room in the Palace temporarily houses a collection of garments from the movie, "The Other Boleyn Girl." It is an interesting display.

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