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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bottoms Up!

A mission begun 2 years ago has finally been achieved. Seven months of that time has been a debate between the City Council and County on the placement of the proposed $70,000 sculpture that will now grace the corner of 8th and Main Streets in Georgetown, Texas. Some of the people involved were concerned about preserving the integrity of Georgetown's Courthouse, which was recently restored to its 1911 appearance. They were also concerned about preserving any future government funding for historic properties.

The sculpture, entitled "Waterin' the Work Mules," is NOT one of a kind. Similar sculptures, with minor modifications, are slated for family members and one for University Park in Dallas. A total of "20 or 30" sculptures in all. The sculpture depicts a young boy tending two mules on family cotton fields in the early 1900's. The boy is the father of the sculptor and architect, Bob Coffee, of Austin.

Historically, almost all Texas towns built a Courthouse in the middle of the town square. Statues and monuments grace the grassy areas surrounding the courthouses. Some have more grassy area than others. Although the controversy of the sculpture's placement on Georgetown's Square appears to have been resolved, it is still not known whether the mules' backsides will be facing county offices or Council Chambers.


  1. Clever ending!

  2. Or should that be... clever end-ing;)


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