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Friday, January 2, 2009

Where, in Heaven's Name, Are We?

DD-Ki left today with her two in tow. Now it is very, very quiet in mi casa.
On the way to the airport, we stopped by the cemetery to visit DH's grave. Four year-old Lem remembers some things about his Grandfather, even though he was just two when they were last together.
"Where is he now?" Lem asked.
"Grandpa died and went to Heaven," we told him. I read somewhere that it is best not to use euphemisms , so we try to give the children information we think they can process. It is another learning curve for us.
When we arrived at the cemetery, we found the proper headstone and pointed out the name to the children. Lem looked all around and then asked a perfectly reasonable question based on the information we had given him.
"Is this Heaven?"
Our muffled sounds of laughter added a bit of humor to our solemn visit and we did some fast "back-pedaling."

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