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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bangkok, Thailand - A Lovely Lunch

Eating on the move is fun and saves time, but we tried to opt for more traditional fare at least once a day.We had some great worry-free meals in restaurants that normally cater to foreigners. and where we could be pretty sure everything was held to higher health code.

This lovely meal was also delicious. Maybe Martha Stewart got some of her ideas in Thailand. The appetizer was a meat mixture placed in the center of a wrapper (like a thin crepe egg roll wrapper). The edges were brought up and the bundle was tied with green onion strips. The whole was fried until crisp.

DS chose this spicy beef dish. The foil packet contains rice.
I had a slightly spicy soup with shrimp, squid, maybe some other things, and veggies.
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Everything was delicious and the total for our meal was well under $10!

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