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Friday, June 12, 2009

Tornado Warning

Mother has been visiting this week. We had lunch with sister, "B," yesterday and were planning a quiet evening at home last night. The thunderstorms that threatened, then moved through, did not seem more alarming than usual. We have these spells occasionally and have weathered them just fine. In fact, the lightening show is often spectacular. Last night was no exception.
Nevertheless, we do not take the storms lightly. About 12 years ago a tornado almost wiped the little community of Jarrell off the map. It is only about 10 miles away. So when the siren sounded last night, I advised mother of my storm survival area, and we discussed the feasibility of moving in. The siren sounded several more times and mother decided we should get chairs, so we would not have to sit on the floor, and move to a spot closer to the door of my chosen area.
I kept checking the sky outside, which was extremely dark even though sunset was not scheduled for another 30 minutes. No hail. No tornadic cloud sightings. Heavy rain but little wind. I felt sure this, too, would pass us by. Fortunately, it did, but it was a good trial run for the real thing. I never take these things lightly.

My survival room?
A small bathroom in an inside hall with no windows or outside walls. I have bottled water, a flashlight, a blanket, and a weather radio stored in the cupboard. Even if I had to close myself in there, I wouldn't expect to stay long, so I don't keep food there.


  1. It was just a Texas send-off for Korin and gang!

  2. That night was really bad for us too. I remember the Jarrell tornado. Such a tragedy. I'm glad you and your mom were safe. Tornadoes are something we have to deal with around here, but how about those earthquakes in Cleburne? It will be interesting to see if all the oil drilling is the cause of them.


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