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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Angels of Christmas

The Angels of Christmas
Have you seen the Angels of Christmas?
No, not the ones with halos and wings,
No beatific faces with eyes raised to heaven,
No ephemeral gowns flowing free.
The Angels of Christmas
May have dirt on their hands,
They might look tired and unkempt.
Their arms may be full of books or clothes
Or holding a pet or a child.
They might just be listening to a troubled soul
Or offering a helping hand.
They are with us and working all of the time,
But we look with blind eyes and don't see.
Look closely at those around you this year
You might see an Angel of Christmas,
And note with surprise
Is someone you recognize.
May the joy of the Nativity remain in your heart all year long!
Jackie Taylor Switzer
12th in a series


  1. Merry Christmas to YOU, Gypsy!

  2. Your back on........ Have fun in BV. I can remember the house that Cliff lived in and Jim was born in and also the old house that our Dad lived in. Cliff's house I have located on Google Earth but I haven's found the other yet, still looking/


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