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Friday, December 4, 2009

So Much for the Winter Wonderland

My trip home almost took me through Oklahoma City! Silly me, trusting Nellie the Navigation System to keep me on track. She is almost as directionally challenged as I am. Missed Lubbock, where there was a big snow storm, and arrived in Georgetown at 4:30 am on Tuesday. Needless to say, the rest of the week has been a wash.

The promise of snow has followed me. The whole of Central Texas has been anticipating a "snowstorm" for days. There has been a run on the grocery stores to stock up on food and supplies, and winter coats have been brought out of storage for the big event. In truth, we do have some severe winter storms that might last a week, but they are generally in January. In the case of a real snow, schools let out and businesses shut down. We are nothing if not prepared.

Sure enough, I went out about 11:30 am to run some errands and noticed there were a few, fleeting, delicate flakes falling. I went into the garage and by the time I backed the car out, it was really SNOWING! The flakes were thick and fast, blowing horizontally in the wind. Within 10 minutes it was all over and not a flake was on the ground.

Right now, it is windy, cold, and sunny. Well, the day is not over and we are supposed to have a hard freeze tonight. Fortunately, I have not heard word that we will have "Blue Norther" any time soon.

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  1. You should have stayed a few more days here and you would have had enough snow for a lifetime! I was talking to someone the other day and they said we have had as much snow as they usually get in a season. Lucky us?


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