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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bishop's Castle

As we headed home from Colorado, we aimed for the back roads and sought photo ops rather than hit the freeways and get from point A to B without blinking. Off I-25 in southern Colorado, we headed down Hwy 165, a "scenic byway" unremarkable on the map, but it turned out to be a beautiful and interesting part of our drive.

We kept seeing signs referring to Bishop's Castle and wondered if it were a town, a family, an amusement park, or what. Then, as we rounded a curve, we saw it - on a mountainside, out in the middle of nowhere! Although, there is some indication it might be in a little town outside Pueblo.

Some forty years ago, Jim Bishop began building his castle - Jim built this amazing edifice alone, fighting the government every step of the way. Entry is free, but donations are welcome. Apparently, we were fortunate to find Jim Bishop on site. He does hold a regular job as an ornamental welder in town. He also has a wife. His 3-year old son was killed when a tree fell on him as Jim was felling it. Each person has her/his own therapy. I sew, Kr beads,  Jim builds a castle.
"Every man should have a castle!"

"I don't need any psychiatric meds; I have adrenaline!"

We did not climb the steps. They were very narrow, it was very cold, and it started "snowing." It appears to be a popular place in the summer although
Jim has signs everywhere, attempting to get his message across. He thrives on publicity and responds gently to kind words.
"You won't find it on any of Colorado's tourist lists!"

Blessings, Jim, as you continue the task you have set for yourself.
"If you build it, they will come."
As for us, we arrived back home, tired and happy. THOJAL,The House of Joy and Love, was deemed a great place to gather. Would have been better with an inside staircase so the children could have had more convenient access. Perhaps THOJAL should have been THOJALL. An extra "L" for all the laughter.


  1. I have heard of several homemade craft style structures around the US, but not this one although ME Googled it. Good reporting JS.

  2. Thanks!
    I think my info will be added to existing on

  3. We can't wait to go. We were going to try to go tomorrow, but I think we will hold off and go when it is warmer. It's too cold out there for us!

  4. Better to go when it is warmer. You will surely want to go up in the tower. It was too cold and windy when we went.
    Also, have read that the dragon head "breathes fire."


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