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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Day of Sledding

New Year's Day
The children did a lot of sledding in the small space at THOJAL, but they were anxious to move up to something more challenging. Besides checking out Breckenridge, we checked out a park in town that had been recommended. It was pretty dark, but it appeared the slope angled off into a drop that ended in the river. Pass on that one.

Joan, the innkeeper at THOJAL, checked around for information from the locals. They would surely know where the best, and cheapest, places were. Sure enough, we were directed to a "road just beyond the stables. If you go too far, you will see a large farm." We headed out with great assurance, found a stable, turned in, ended up in someone's driveway. They weren't home. As we headed back out, we stopped a car on the way into the driveway and asked for further directions.
We ended up at the local hill near Cottonwood Springs. As the, mostly, children would sled down the hill, the adults would watch for traffic and stop cars or sledders, whichever was more endangered. It was a typical small town gathering and just right for our group. There were some uncommonly good sledders there, indicating many trips to the site.

The children had to learn to watch for rocks, stumps, etc.

Em loved the sledding more than the skiing the previous day.

D.A.  tried it out several times.

Chas really took to it and enjoyed it!

Junior contemplated the scene and was enticed to ride down with his dad.

Eventually, he opted for a stick which became known as the "Sister Whacker" for obvious reasons.

We headed back to THOJAL for our traditional black-eyed peas, ham, and cornbread. Now, we are sure to have good luck all year long!

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