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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Garden by Design

Work is underway on the garden at The Gallery at 1318, commonly known as 1318. Work is almost completed on the house and addition, too. This is exciting when you understand we started the renovation / rehab / addition of the property over 4 years ago. I reasoned that similar projects in the area were completed so slowly because the occupants were doing the work themselves. Since I am not that handy, it would be reasonable to hire the work done and that would also speed completion. NOT! The trials and tribulations of the project have been sporadically journaled.

NOW, we have moved our attention to the garden and I am SO excited. There again, the start was slow as I sought a landscaper to help me develop a plan and implement it. After phoning SEVEN landscaping businesses, NOT ONE returned my calls. I perceive this as a symbol of some of today's / this generation's root problem.

The eighth call was made to a young man with a business called Garden by Design. He was one of the ones I called from a "rehabber's list."
"He won't call back," my daughter told me.
"Yes, he will," I insisted.
"What makes you think he's any different from the others?" she asked.
"He is my last hope," I replied.

Stephen did call and was incredibly nice, professional, and knowledgeable.
"I won the bet," I told him.
"Why?" he queried.
 "Because you returned my call!"
"Why wouldn't I?" he asked in disbelief.
What could I say?

Stephen came with ideas that lined up with ours exactly. We were on the same page! DD checked his references - Impeccable! She looked at gardens he had desgined - Awesome! He and his crew have started and we look forward to the results!!

The old 14th Street Mall just a couple of blocks away is now close to being finished. Things are looking up in Old North!


  1. Have your DD get us some pictures so that we can appreciate all that y'all have been going through. I have pictures of the building before the improvements started and would like to see it now.

  2. I would love very much to see pictures of that garden, I bet it will be lovely!

    Also, I have replied to your comments, here, here, and


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