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Friday, April 23, 2010

I Walk in Your Midst.....

Surely you have received one, or more, of those e-mails that delight in pointing out the silly mistakes of others. You know the ones I am talking about, they usually end with the phrase,  " They walk among you." I try to not to pass judgement, but sometimes I can't help but laugh. maybe the person was distracted? not paying attention? had a mind on other things? I have done a few things in my life that I wish I could retrieve, especially when the person observing me looked at me with THAT look.

I sprayed the outside of the house with Spectracide to help deter creepy crawlies seeking refuge from the summer heat. I followed up by a good cleaning under the baseboards of the cupboards. Such activities are certain to bring out the survival modes of all the insect pests in existence, and there are MANY in Texas. It was no surprise when I found a "scorpion" languishing in the hallway. They tend to appear after I have cleared out any spider webs that might have restrained them. I bravely stomped on the offending critter which promptly stuck to my shoe. After hobbling to the kitchen so I would not disperse the remains, I tore off a paper towel and wiped the bottom of my shoe. Then I did what any self-respecting housekeeper would do - I checked the paper towel to examine the results. All my efforts were rewarded by the sight of a long, curled thread. ....well, it LOOKED like a scorpion when I first saw it.
 I walk in your midst....

In spite of all my good intentions not to, because I am never very successful at it, I try to grow vegetables every year. I have gotten better, having gone from a full garden plot to just a few things in pots. It is amazing what you can grow in pots. This year, I successfully grew some lettuce and planted a few other things, some of which came up and a few of those produced fruit. I was surprise that my parsley, with which I have never had a whole lot of luck, appeared to be proliferating rather profusely. This was flat and I prefer the curly variety so, although I obediently chopped bits of it into various dishes, I determined to plant another kind next year.
The parsley was growing much faster than I could use it, so I examined the bottom to see how much I could cut and dry or freeze. Wow! The root was the largest I have ever seen! Since there were several plants, I decided to pull one up and see what was happening. I easily extracted it from the loose, rich soil and what to my wondering eyes should appear but..... a carrot! I had forgotten I had planted those in the other half of the pot. No wonder the "parsley" didn't taste like parsley, it was carrot tops.
 I walk in your midst.....

I won't bore you with the details of the hot check I sent to the IRS. I wakened from a sound sleep at 2 a.m.  the morning after mailing said check, realizing what I had done. I wish my memory were as efficient as my subconscious. The bad news was - a "good" check would be late; the good news was - I wouldn't have to go to jail.
I walk in your midst...

My Jazzercise class meets every day, but at different times . I thought I finally had the times down after showing up at the wrong time on several occasions. Thus it was with some irritation that I arrived and found no one there one day. The instructor is seldom late, but it does happen. I marched up to the desk and asked what was going on.
 "This class meets at 11:45 on Fridays and there is no one here," I said feeling my irritation like a burr under a saddle.
"That may be." the person at the desk answered, "but this is Thursday."
I walk in your midst.....

Do I walk alone or have you had any similar experiences?

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