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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Learning about the Cheetah Girls

I have heard of "The Cheetah girls." I don't know anything about them except that they are a vocal group appealing to young teens........ I think. So it was with some surprise that I read:

The Credo of the Cheetah Girls
  • Cheetah Girls don't litter, they glitter. I will help my family, friends, and other Cheetah Girls whenever they need my love, support, or a really big hug.
  • All Cheetah Girls are created equal, but we are not alike. We come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, and hail from different cultures. I will not judge others by the color of their spots, but by their character.
  • A true Cheetah Girl doesn't spend more time doing her hair than her homework. Hair extensions may be career extensions, but talent and skills will pay my bills.
  • A brave Cheetah Girl isn't afraid to admit when she's scared. I promise to get on my knees and summon the growl power of the Cheetah Girls who came before me - including my mom, grandmoms, and the Supremes - and ask them to help me be strong.
  • All Cheetah Girls make mistakes. I promise to admit when I am wrong and will work to make it right. I will also say I am sorry, even when I do not want to.
  • Cheetah Girls were born for adventure. I promise to learn a language other than my own and travel around the world to meet my fellow Cheetah Girls.

These sound like admirable principles by which to live. I think I might like the Cheetah Girls.


  1. Is this something you got from the GK's? I think that I have seen a competition to become a Cheetah Girl on TV but the list that you wrote about never seemed to be a part of it. Or it may have been Coyote Ugly on CMT.

  2. The "Credo" was included in an article, "Adrienne Bailon, Dream Girl", by Margaret Jaworski.

    In a review from "School Library Journal"

    "The Cheetah Girl Credo is printed at the beginning of the book and is spoken on the mini-CD that accompanies the book. The credo suggests all Cheetah Girls are created equal, but not alike, and is upheld by the characters, who are mixed-race African American, Italian, and Dominican."


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