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Friday, October 10, 2008

No Bird in the Hand

I have been so inspired by the photos on Abraham Lincoln's blog (yes, that is really his name), that I finally went out and bought another bird feeder. The first one I had was destroyed by a squirrel. It was a green, metal one with a bar that lowered and hid the seeds when anything heavier than a bird lit on it. How did the squirrel manage?

The new one is a metal & glass rectangular feeder that has several openings where the birds can eat the seeds. It has a sensitive mechanism that lowers metal plates over the openings when anything heavier than a bird sits on it. I have it at the most sensitive setting. I also bought a plastic shield to put over the bird feeder. The wrapping showed the shield tilting when a squirrel deigned to visit, so that he would not be able to reach the feeder.

I placed the feeder in a tree, near a vacated nest, and prepared to shoot some fantastic photos because Abe makes it look so simple. So far, I have filled the feeder three times and I have not seen one bird. I have not even seen a squirrel. The seeds are all gone, but I do not know what is eating them. They are not on the ground under the feeder. Come to think of it, I have not seen very many birds in the yard at all. A hummingbird visited the Turk's Cap one day, and two little birds hopped around on the porch for a few minutes. Maybe I will move the feeder and see what happens.


  1. I don't remember ever seeing any cats either. How about other wild varmints like raccoons or the such?

  2. Have fun with the GKd's this weekend, (It is this weekend isn't it?)

  3. Hmmm, sounds like super sneaky seed thiefs to me. Maybe you could set up night survellience?

    I can't hang my feeders up where I live now, but less than two weeks and I can hang up what ever I want, where ever I want!

    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Yes, I have 2 of the GK this weekend. I get all the good stories!


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