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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trip to the Theater - "Dracula"

DS visited this past week and we accomplished a lot of odds and ends, things that had been hanging over my head. I was also delighted he was able to accompany me to see a play at The Wimberley Players Theater in, where else but....Wimberley, Texas. "Dracula" was the current production, and it was in the last days. It is not something I would ordinarily choose to see, not being a fan of blood and gore, but it was a most interesting production. The costuming, special effects, staging in a small area, and even the acting, were all excellent.

The journey to the theater, one and a half hours from home, was an adventure in itself. We left 2 hours before curtain time and fought the Austin traffic. We then journeyed through wilderness on some marvellous sports car roads, praying we would see any deer before they ran out in front of us. Signs of habitation were few and far between. We slid into a parking spot, just in time to find our seats for this sold-out production, and prepared for the unexpected.

We knew there would be something unexpected, because there was a man sitting at a table in front of the closed curtains. A half-empty, or was it half-full, glass of wine and a napkin were on the cloth covered table. The man might have been a statue. He sat ramrod straight, eyes closed, hands resting on the arms of the chair, with absolutely no detectable movement. I could not even detect signs of breathing or movement beneath his closed eyelids. No one was allowed to linger in front of him, and the audience waited with whispered anticipation. But I won't spoil the play for you.
I was surprised the plot had some redeeming qualities. According to the director:
"We can find both good and evil in our world quite easily if we go looking. But when evil finds us, we don't always recognize it because it can present itself with incredible beauty. Often, we gather it to us and embrace its deliciousness as we dare not acknowledge the truth that whispers in our ear. For then we would have to ask ourselves, "Is this who and what I really am and want to be?" The journey that the cast, crew, and I journeyed as we delved into Dracula's world has reminded me that we all make choices every moment of our lives that can have profound consequences. We are seldom random victims. Do 'wrong' choices mean we
are evil? Do 'right' ones mean we are not? I want to believe the human soul will always eventually turn to the light of love, faith, and redemption."
The real reason I went to the play, was my sister. Sis has spent years making other people's dreams come true. It is something she wants to do. She has also spent years working with the theater - designing, constructing, and creating costumes.
"I prefer to be backstage," she says.
Stepping into the role of a "vixen," was a step out of the box for Sis and a huge time commitment for 4 months. All the while, she maintained her business. Originally, she told me she had a small walk-on part. Then she had a few "lines." By the time the programs appeared, she was listed in the names under "Starring: " My sister, a STAR! And you should have seen her - slithering, enticing, cajoling, and appearing from out of nowhere. A remarkable performance!
Now....if we can just find time to produce our video for "The Amazing Race" before Sis is discovered by Hollywood.....

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  1. It must have been for DS to get away from baby poop for a while, hope he enjoyed it and his sinus's were cleared out. We'll always remember the Christy Minstrels concert at GT with y'all.


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