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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's About Time

Introduced in a Jan. 13, 1946 comic strip, the Dick Tracy watch is a techie's dream: it is a two-way, voice-activated video phone that fits around a wrist.

Dick Tracy was a far-out comic strip in terms of the technology he used. We laughed at the author...who would ever be able to put a phone, with a picture, on his wrist? I wonder if all those who read the comic strip think of Chester Gould, that forward thinking author, when they read about the new technologies we have. Another legacy of the Gould comic strip is a current program called Crimestoppers.

Now there is a supposed breakthrough in time travel. My first tendency is to laugh and shrug it off, but we have come a long way since my GF came to Texas in a covered wagon. Who would ever have thought we would walk on the moon, replace body parts, take pictures with phones we pull from our pockets? Is it too far-fetched to think we might be able to participate in time travel? One drawback to the new theory is that the earliest time we would be able to travel to is the time when the machine is built. I wonder whether accessing earlier time periods is, so to speak, a matter of time and would we be able to interact with people in the time we visited or change the course of history. So many things to wonder about.

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  1. The last time I was with my GS Charlie S. he asked why I didn't have one of these fancy telephones, to which I clipped my cell phone onto my digital camera strap and said, "How about this?" I only have a cell phone since ME demanded it and then I had to get her one also. Three more years and we'll hit 50 and so I can't complain.


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