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Monday, August 6, 2007

The Miracle of Sod

We had a small flood at our church about a month ago. The water heater broke and there was a significant amount of water in the sanctuary, adjoining classrooms, and offices. We have weathered the storm pretty well because we have some talented and dedicated members who know how to make the most of every dollar and every stick of wood.

About a week ago, water was noticed in the foyer and the cause was sought. Apparently, the soil was too high on an outside wall and the water seeped in through the bricks. The plants and soil were removed leaving an unsightly scar under the windows on that side of the foyer.
"What we need is a pallet of sod," someone suggested.
"It wouldn't even need a whole pallet, just a part." said another.
A short time later, another member arrived and asked,"Can we use a half-pallet of sod?"
It seems a neighbor was sodding his yard, had a half-pallet left over, and offered it for the church's use.

"God is in His heaven. All is right with the world." - Robert Browning

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  1. ME says you ought to send some of your short items in to some magazines for publication.

    ME must hand write, edit, edit, edit, etc. for a long time before she types it and prints it and reviews it several times before submitting it. She writes well but it takes a long time.


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