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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Have your children written on the walls? Has furniture bumped against the wall and left a mark? Are there fingerprints on the doors from closing them? Have you tried the magic solution?

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is absolutely magic! I don't know how it works nor do I have any connection with the product, other than using it, but I highly recommend it. It requires no special equipment other than the white sponge-like product that comes several to a box at your favorite store. Wet the sponge, rub it on the area to be cleaned and watch as the marks magically disappear. This is an essential tool for families with childre. I have used it on many different areas and they always come clean. Some take more scrubbing than others, but it works in areas that normal scrubbers don't. I have even used it on grout with success.

The other product I LOVE is the Shout Color Catcher Dye Trapper. Not only are they good for saving your mixed colored laundry, they can save your quilts! If you have ever finished a multi-colored quilt and had misgivings about bleeding from dyes in the fabric, you can relax when you toss one of these sheets in with the wash. Sometimes fabrics bleed even after we have washed them and it is not funny to look at your lovely quilt that you have spent hours on and find the olors bleeding over into the next ones. If you are skeptical, try it with 2-3 fat quarters when you prewash your fabric.

Now, what I need is a magical product to clean my stove. Nothing seems to work as well as I would like. I wonder if there is something out there I have not tried.

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  1. We just yesterday bought a Tide Pen and used in GDC's dress. The have one with bleach and one without. Well it worked like a charm. It was so good that she took it home with her. I have also had good results in using the Magic Eraser on white tennies.


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