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Friday, April 25, 2008

A Quick Trip to San Antonio

San Antonio is a lot closer than I had thought it was. I guess it just seems a long way when you have to sit in a car and fight traffic for 2+ hours. We stopped about halfway to visit my sister's shop, Costumed Occasions. She designs and makes some very elaborate costumes each year for the National Costumer's Association (NCA) Convention.
"Everyone in the shop learns to bead," she said. Indeed, when they are not doing anything else, the employees have needle, thread, and bead in hand. She turns out some wonderful, award-winning work.
A view from the Tower of the Americas lounge.I
We had no difficulty finding our way into San Antonio,we just followed the signs to the Alamo. We parked nearby and headed to the Visitor's Center across the street to find out about Day Passes for transportation, $3.75 each to ride the trams and buses all day. I have always walked everywhere when I have visited previously, but it it can be very hot and tiring.
We still did our fair share of walking over the course of the day, lunch at Mi Tierra (although I have had better Tex-Mex food, this is a San Antonio landmark, open 24 hours), visiting El Mercado in the historic Market Square, the Alamo, La Villita, touring the Riverwalk, and topping it off with a drink in the 750 foot tall Tower of the Americas Lounge. I had water and a lot of it. The observation deck in the Tower was closed for a private party, so we opted to sit in the sparsely populated, air-conditioned lounge and enjoy a respite before heading home. No charge for the exhilarating elevator ride.
A side view of the Alamo. There were too many people in front.

Texans love their Alamo, so it was an eye-opening experience to see how people who did not know the history of this venerated landmark could pass through it so quickly. If I could have explained Texas History, in German, in five easy minutes, they surely would have been more impressed. Of course, our history is so recent compared to that of most other countries, that we are mere babes.

There was a lot going on in the city. "Fiesta San Antonio!" was about to explode in the streets, only waiting for everyone to get off work. The remnants of spent "cascarones" left a colorful trail for the exuberance to come. A lot of people were wearing special "medals" which, I assume, were associated with the Daughters of Texas and/ or similar organizations. One gentleman was dressed all in white with his medals proudly pinned on his chest. The town was fairly quiet with an underlying air of expectancy, but there were already indications of the festivities.

We left late enough to miss most of the Austin / Round Rock traffic. Fortunately, it is not even remotely comparable to the never-ending Houston traffic. Even the German visitors remarked on how friendly and courteous the Texas drivers are.

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  1. Or maybe not, how about the Texas Tour for Kr?

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