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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who is Your Neighbor?

It is definitely enough to renew your faith in the friendliness of Texas. Of course, everyone knows that "Texas" comes from "Tejas" which translates as "friendly." At least that is what we were always taught.

I am a backup for, DD Kr , a single mom, when she runs into problems and cannot pick up the boys. That works well until I go out of town. Of course, Murphy's Law says that is when I will be needed. Such was today.

Kr called to tell me her car had cratered on the side of the freeway on her way home from work. Too far away to walk home. She had forgotten I was in Houston, too far away to help. Nevertheless, with the wonders of modern technology and some super nice people, we worked it all out. While Kr and I were communicating by telephone, DD Ko accessed the Internet to find telephone numbers. My neighbors, retired and having no children of their own, dropped everything, picked the children up from school, took them to McDonald's, and won their hearts for all time.

An APD Officer called a tow truck to move the car off the freeway, made a tentative diagnosis and bought some water, with his own money, attempting to restore the car to temporary running order. The tow truck driver stayed with Kr for 45 minutes to show her how to flush the radiator.

We hear so many terrible things these days that it restores my faith in human nature to know there are still wonderful neighbors and some chivalrous men out there. God Bless You all.


  1. I'm happy that Kr was so well taken care of.

  2. This has been a renewal of faith in America. It is a good post and shows us being really nice people.

    Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

  3. I've only just begun to read your blog, but you remind me a bit of me, an optimist and a bit of a romantic! I've found that sometimes, I just have to catch people in the act of being nice! It CAN be contagious!

  4. That is really great. There are good souls out there. :)


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