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Saturday, April 5, 2008

PhotoHunt - "Glass" in Italy

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Pinnochio in a little glass house in Collodi, Italy.
I am puffed up with pride at having been named PhotoHunt's site of the week for the "High" theme last week. Thank you, tnchick! I urge all of you to visit her site and have a look at everyone's photos. She has a new theme every Saturday.


  1. Wonderful shot for the glass theme. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. u deserve to be the site of the week for yr high post..this is also a great pic

  3. Wow, that is so cool. Congrats for being site of the week last week.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Very cool photo - and congratulations on earning the "site of the week" recognition!

    Thanks for stopping by the creek.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Wow, look at the countless reflections. A person could get dizzy looking through that glass. *grin*

    Write From Karen

  6. thanks a lot for the the picture that you pick for this week's theme..

  7. That's a great, fun photo!

    You well deserved being site of the week with last week's photo.

  8. Love the glass shot....such interesting reflections.

    Congrats on making the site of the week!

    Thanks for visiting my hunt. Happy weekend.

  9. It doesn't matter if the glass is half full or half empty...

  10. way cool! I absolutely love this shot, perfect. :)

  11. Cera una volta...

    "Un rey!" grida uno dei miei piccoli -----

    Un pezzo di legno.

    Once upon a time there was...

    "A king!" cried one of my little listeners.

    A piece of wood.

    It's about all the Italian I remember. This is cool, and congrats on being site of the week.

    (BTW, that was the beginning of Pinnochio and I've forgotten the word that translates as listeners..)

  12. Cool, Katney! That's a whole lot more Italian than I know, but it is a lot like Spanish (well, there are both Romance languages, aren't they?) so i can understand it somewhat.
    Thanks for visiting!

  13. A wonderful entry for glass. I am especially fond of seeing things in countries I likely won't get to visit, (like you high photo also).

  14. Nice photo for the glass theme. I like all the reflections.

  15. Boy this is nice except I would dread falling out of bed in the night. If I began hearing the tinkling of crashing glass I would have a fatal stroke.

    Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio now playing the part of a Mrs. Zac Efron's employee.

  16. Perfect for this week theme. Great shot...Thanks for sharing...
    Mine is up
    Every Beat Of My Heart
    A Little Bit Of Everything

  17. A fun and whimsical glass shot. Congrats on last weeks' photohunt win ~ the kudos are deserved. Love your piX.

    ThanX so much for the visit and gracious comments. I hope you'll come again.

  18. Congrats on making the site of the week at PH! Pinocchio seems to have a special place in this glass house.

  19. What a fancy house for pinnochio! Very cool picture.


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