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Friday, July 18, 2008

Travels With Em - First Full Day in London

Just a quick post from Pax Lodge which is next door to Olave House, one of the 4 Girl Scout World Centers. Em and I are staying here for the first 6 days we are in London. Maybe I can catch up with the previous part of the trip later. Getting computer time is difficult for various reasons.
We are having a hard time getting oriented since I am so directionally challenged. Em is a big help, but not always right so I can't really rely on her. Before we left I bought a London Pass which covers entry fees to almost all the London attractions. I am trying to get everything I can, done before it expires after 6 days. The smartest thing I did , was to buy a London travel pass which allows us unlimited travel on all conveyances in zones 1-6. That just about covers everything. Today we spent a couple of hours looking for a Bicycle Tour Company. Finally found it and they told me they only have one tour a day for card holders and it had already left. That is not quite what the card led me to believe.
Nevertheless, we pressed on. We went to St. Martin's in the Field, did brass rubbings, and toured the National Theater where we were actually on stage for a short while. We sat in the Victoria Embankment Gardens for a band and choir concert by students from Virginia. It was a BIG group.They played and sang right on through the light rain we had. I grabbed a lunch from a nearby shop to eat while Em and I sat in sling-type lawn chairs and enjoyed the rest and the concert. Unfortunately, Em ended up on the ground when the seat of her chair tore. After the Theater tour, we stayed for a while to take in the program put on by an Argentine group. There were some wild dancers and it appeared that things could get a little lovey, so we headed home. We walked over eight miles today, according to my pedometer. No mean feat with a backpack and fanny pack. I felt like the proverbial "bag lady."
Not sure yet what is on the agenda for tomorrow, but we having a good time!


  1. I hope Em. will remember all of the things you have taken in, later in life.

  2. Another reason you should have brought me! I have my father's sense of direction, you won't get lost! Oh well, maybe next time.

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