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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Travels with Em - "We Arrive"

We arrived at Heathrow Airport in London safely, but not quite uneventfully. With the landing gear lowered and just about to touch down, the pilot suddenly gave a thrust to the engines and we were again ascending at an acute angle. A minute later, with everything under control, the pilot calmly explained that the plane in front of us, on the runway, failed to negotiate the turn off the landing path. Our pilot had to abort the landing.

It was all done so smoothly, that I am sure many did not immediately realize there had even been a problem. I made sure the flight attendant would convey my respects for the pilot's expertise and handling of the plane. I can remember DH's words when there was a discussion about an airline pilot's pay, "I don't ever want my pilot worrying about the cost of his child's shoes while he is flying."


  1. Thank goodness! Did em know what was going on? I wish that people felt that way about Soldier's pay, but that's a whole other issue!

  2. Dad had some great one-liners. :)

  3. At least your [ilpt saw what was happening. In 55 I was on a plane talking to the Colorado Springs tower and trying to land in Denver. We knew this when the airplane jerked up and flew around for another hour before landing, needless to say, the pilot did not make an appearance at the cockpit door as usual.


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