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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Travels With Em - "The Sorting"

Our ElderHostel (EH) program is a literary tour of Oxford, England, focusing on the Harry Potter novels. Helen, the EH staff member who works with the children's part of our program, was in charge of "The Sorting." Fortunately, I saw the Harry Potter movie that included "The Sorting," so I knew what was going on.

In the movie, each new student at Hogwartz school, takes a turn sitting in a special chair at the front of the room. A witch-looking hat is placed on the student's head, the Sorting Hat. The talking hat divines the student's attributes and sorts them into different groups, called Houses, at the school. By the light of votive candles sitting on a white-clothed table, our children each took a turn sitting in the chair placed at the front of the room in front of their peers and grandparents. A witch-like hat was placed on their heads in turn, and a voice from the depths of the darkened room announced the group the child would be in. Em is in Fwooper group. Well, it could have been Billywigs or Puffskins.


  1. I wouldn't have known what was going on! How did the kids react? Was Em excited? Tell me more, it's killing me!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip so far!

  3. I'll have to ask C8 or Ke about that stuff, that's not my kind of book or movie.


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