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Monday, July 14, 2008

Travels With Em - "Table Service"

Thus far we have only had meals in the hotel - buffet for breakfast and dinner and sandwiches for lunch. The display of silverware at dinner is particularly British, even the children have remarked on it: 3-4 knives, 3 forks, one man-sized spoon, and 1-2 small spoons for dessert and / or coffee. We laughingly told the servers we only needed a knife, fork, and spoon.They just smiled.
I was longing for some iced tea, which the Brits never have so I did just what DH taught me several years ago. I asked for a cup of hot tea poured over ice. The server was astounded.
"You really drink this?" he questioned laughingly.
Em is ordering coffee. I admonished her for it but she told me it was o.k.
"Mommy lets me drink some of hers at breakfast and I drink half of it." That's news to me since I didn't know her Mom even drank coffee.
"Besides that, she drinks two Red Bulls every day!"
I hate to be the big bad monster, but I don't think coffee is healthy for a 10 year old child. Sometimes I can have her substitute hot chocolate. Sometimes she will ask for tea if she can't have coffee. Sometimes I just let her have a half cup of coffee, and fill it with milk. Then she adds 2-3 sugar cubes. Woe is me.....what would you do? I think she is enjoying her freedom and trying to be more some ways.


  1. I don't let her drink coffee? If I get a frappacino then she will usually have some of it, but she has never had a cup of coffee!!!!! Woe is me, she's ready to grow up and I'm not ready to let her. I guess college is around the corner, like it or not. Let her have the coffee and enjoy the time with you, there are worse things she could be asking for, and I doubt it will stunt her growth!

  2. Em. has been ratted out. I have never had coffee in my life, I even dislike coffee flavored ice cream.

  3. I've never seen ABW drink a "straight" coffee. They've always had something mixed in and are probably in the range of 1 part coffee to 7 parts everything else :)

  4. She's already taller than Tia, so she won't be the shortest in the family if her growth is stunted.

  5. She needs to cut out that Americano coffee and come have some espresso...


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