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Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Uncle Dan

Happy Birthday to a guy that has always loved life at the wheel....and still has that Porsche!
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  1. Happy Birthday, but didn't he sell the car?

  2. Yes I sold the 64 Porsche a couple of months ago to a family that will be restoring it back to it's original shape. At least I can go over to visit it as they live 20 some odd feet away from us.

  3. Happy Birthday Uncle Dan! Guess I should try to read these blogs daily as I always feel like I'm behind...doesn't mean I love you any less, though. Will be in SFran in June....


  4. That car has got to be worth a small fortune if it is in good condition. When some of my friends come around they let me set in their black Porsche.

  5. The car in the picture was my old 59 MGA. I traded it in on the Porsche even though it had a cracked block, (which I didn't tell the dealer about).


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