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Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh, Give Me a Home, Where the Dinosaurs Roam.....

One of the joys of keeping the children is taking them to places I would not ordinarily choose to visit. One of Abs' great interests is dinosaurs. She knows whether they are "herbivorous," "carnivorous," or "omnivorous." She knows how big they are, what their skin was like, how fast they name it, Abs can recite it. So, it was only natural that we should visit this exhibit at Zilker Park in Austin. Set in a rather natural habitat, with identifying information, and life size models, we perused the creatures and were thankful they were only models. An bonus was the myriad of "prehistoric" plants. Of course, not all these dinosaurs lived in this area, but the park does have an area counting real tracks from prehistoric visitors.
Abs lingered at each exhibit a little longer than the rest of us. At one point, the three of us sat on a bench and waited for her to join us, within eye distance, but dallying back up on the trail. I called to her several minutes later and she eventually came. A woman and her small daughter waved and called out to her as they passed by us on the trail.
"Who are they?" I queried.
"Oh, they had some questions on one of the exhibits, so I helped them out," she said matter-of-factly.
This summer I am taking Abs to an instructive week in Utah where dinosaurs really roamed. It should be an interesting and enlightening experience.
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  1. Oh the stories that you will be able to tell! I can't wait! Maybe you should be running instead of walking in the morning!

  2. I found a bunch of dinosaur drawings on line, scanned them and sent them to Abs some time ago. I didn't know that she was so intent on learning so much. Utah, Colorado and Wyoming are great places to visit dinosaur sites as well as parts of Canada. I have Googled Dinosaurs in Utah and there are several dinosaur parks as well as University Museums there.


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