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Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh, Deer!

Well, it was bound to happen - I hit a deer last night!
I had driven to Ft. Hood to attend Em's "Drums & Xylophones" concert at her elementary school (BTW - it was excellent!) and was headed home at a respectable 6:30 PM. Of course, with the DST changes, 6:30 in the evening is now pitch black. Fortunately, I was obeying the speed limit, 35 mph, as I drove through the subdivision and was only a few blocks from home when it happened. From "out of nowhere," a deer suddenly appeared on my right, moving fast. I slammed on the brakes and saw the right front side of the car connect with the side of his(?) body. I was horrified! He fell to the ground on his side and I worried that I would run over him but, thankfully, the car stopped on demand.
The deer floundered around, skinny legs akimbo, then stood up, and moved to the side of the road. He stood for a moment looking right me, as if to say "This is really my territory, what are you doing here?" Then he ran off into the relative safety of the brush in the greenbelt.
I was shaking, but able to drive the rest of the way home. All the damage appears to be to the right front headlight area of the car and it does not appear that the lights are broken.
This does not fit in my agenda for the holidays.

I hope the deer is okay.


  1. Car's can be repaired, people can't. We are so happy that your OK.

    We still talk about ME seeing 10 deer in your yard, one evening.

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  3. Better get it fixed so you don't get pulled over!

  4. I'm glad you are ok!!!! I was going to p/u Ch from a friend's house last week and we saw at least 4 groups of deer - probably 25 total in the space of one mile. I'm glad you were doing the speed limit...I don't always do it through there but this time of year I do!


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