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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Was He Kidding?

The appraiser from the insurance company visited and checked out the damage to the car. I have already secured a quote from the body shop but the insurance company wants to do its own thing. I was apprehensive when he wanted to raise the hood and check things out. The hood seemed a little off kilter and I was concerned it might not close again. The body shop rep didn't open it because he did not want me to be stuck if it did not close.
"What if the hood won't close properly after it is opened?" I queried the appraiser. I didn't even mention the fact that in the whole year I have owned the car, I had only had to check under the hood one time.
"Don't worry," the appraiser replied, "we'll do just what we always do."
"What is that?" I wondered aloud.
"Tie it down with strong twine and you can go on your way until you get it fixed."
"But I have to drive to Houston on Thanksgiving Day with a car full of children!" I said.
Was he kidding? I don't know but, fortunately, the hood closed with a satisfyingly loud noise.

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  1. Maybe you should change insurance companies or at least pop him in the nose, hard enough that he cries.


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