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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Car Talk

Life is good this morning.....

My car "talks" to me. Not like "OW!" when the deer ran into me. Little messages rise from the innards of this diesel-powered vehicle and I just follow the instructions or show up at the dealer's shop and they take care of everything. Can't beat that for someone who can hear or feel a change in the car, but doesn't have much idea what it means.

When the "tire pressure" message came on, DS filled the tire with air and the message disappeared. When it reappeared some days later, I filled the tires again. The third time was a charm. I headed to the dealer's shop and they filled the tires and said "no problem." The 4th time, said shop actually checked the offending tire more thoroughly, found a very small hole and plugged it. Did you know they have "guns" now that can shoot filler into the hole in a tire and plug it? Unfortunately, that didn't work more than a few days. Finally, I took the car, with its reappearing message, in to Discount Tire (no I am not getting paid for this) and they took the tire off the wheel and put a proper patch on it. No more problems. Guess where I am buying my new tires when it is time.

I don't get too many messages from the car that require that kind of follow-up. Mostly, they tell me that the door is ajar or I need to fill the fuel tank and it reminds me what kind of fuel I need. A few days ago, a new message appeared - "Check Engine." It seemed to be running O.K. so I checked it out in my trusty car manual. It could have been something really bad, in which case it would go into "limp home" mode. I had not experienced anything like that, but since I am driving to Houston for a few days, I figured I would check it out.

I was off to the shop this chilly, rainy morning, along with a dozen other people who must have been headed to work.
"We can check that out for you and have an answer in about 20 minutes," they told me.
Great, I could watch the news while I waited. The smell of the ever-present popcorn they produce in their waiting room, was enticing. I fought the idea of helping myself to the hot,crisp, buttered delicacy even though it was 8 AM and I had not had breakfast. I finally gave in, somewhat. There was a cute little coffee machine that produces, almost, fresh-brewed coffee on demand. I didn't know how to use it, but the nice gentleman stocking the fridge with water and cokes, showed me. First you choose a container (about 2-3 ounces) from a variety of flavors, put the whole thing in the machine (without opening the container), and close the machine by pressing the handle down. After pushing a couple of buttons, you wait 15 seconds and retrieve a delicious cuppa' . I took a cherry danish from the selection on the counter and had a great, if not healthy, breakfast while I watched the news and waited on my car.

The problem was minor - a temperature gauge in the tailpipe (?). They have ordered the part and I have to go back tomorrow morning to have it put in. I wonder what is on the menu.

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