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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tell Me Thursday - "Sharing"

The story behind the Wordless Wednesday picture.....
ABW is queen of "free." She has to be, with her husband, Gunner, on a military paycheck and her attending school. While Gunner was off in Iraq, ABW took advantage of free tickets to the Baseball game. There were also free tickets.... one for a bag of popcorn, one for a beer, and one for a snow cone. After sharing a bag of popcorn, the three children shared a snow cone. Abs found the most expedient way to do this, was to give Junior a straw while she attacked it from the other side. They both had to give it up to Em occasionally. The whole effort required a certain amount of cooperation. Abs also found she could control the flow in the straw by moving it up, just out of the liquid or pinching the straw. Junior could really get loud when he felt he wasn't getting his share.


  1. What's her name?

    I spent yesterday explaining to 2nd graders why they shouldn't buy things on credit. Maybe there is hope?

  2. I love seeing flags lined up like that! makes you proud to be an american. Thanks

    kaye’s stripes


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