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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Memoirs at The Little House

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Our memoir writing group has been writing together for about 6 years. The core group remains intact, but a few others have cycled in and out for various reasons. We have written about all aspects of our lives and, just when we think we have said it all, we come up with more. We put our stories on paper for our children, grandchildren, and beyond. How I would love to ave had a journal of my grandfather's family traveling to Texas in a covered wagon. How I wish I had kept a journal of the early years of my marriage when we lived and traveled all over the world. Nevertheless, I can put my memories on paper, so all is not lost.

Several years ago while doing genealogical research on a family line, I came across a copy of some typed pages stapled together and placed in one of those clear plastic report covers so beloved by teachers. There was no fanfare, it was just sitting on a shelf amongst real books in the reference section. I could hardly believe my eyes! Those papers contained stories about my great-great grandfather and his family! What a treasure. One of his children, later in life, had written the stories while "laid up" with a broken leg. What a blessing that others had seen the value in her efforts and shared them. Since this occurred in a small town, the librarian readily allowed us to remove the "Reference Only" copy and take it to the local print shop to have it copied. I hope someone will be just as excited someday, to find a copy of my stories.

I have digressed....
Our group of seven journeyed to La Grange for a long anticipated retreat. We wanted some time away from the world to concentrate on writing. We stayed in a member's weekend home, which was an event in itself.

Called simply, "The Little House," it was built about 1910 and moved to its present site from lower on the hill. Shortly after it was moved, a tree, felled by a vicious storm, fell on the house's previous site. It is a typical farm house from the era and is filled with bits and pieces reminiscent of bygone times.

Posted by PicasaThe inside railings were recovered from an outside porch and thus preserved. The lofted sleeping area provided dorm-style comfort where we curled up at night under pieced quilts. We ate heartily and, for the most part, healthily with food we brought from home so little time was lost in the everyday tasks of life.
We went "out on the town" one evening. Traveling all the way to Winchester, Texas to Murphy's Steak House. Murphy's is a popular country, no-frills, restaurant housed in an old store with "1913 C.H. Schmidt" in pronounced letters over the entry.
Of course it is popular since it is the only real restaurant anywhere around this wide-spread farming community, but it was also good....and inexpensive! Memoir writing can be intensive so we broke the time up into sessions. Memoir writing is also fun and therapeutic as we share the joys and tragedies. We topped our time off with a quick trip to a local quilt show.

Strangely, as we laughed and shared, traveling to and from our retreat, the miles just melted away. Good friends, good times, good work.

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