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Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Nuts!

I may have been poisoned!

Well, that is what the media would have us believe anyway. I am happy the FDA & CDC are watching over us, but I am more than a little disturbed about all the entities lurking in our lives.

What brought this on?

I received a phone call a couple of days ago....a computerized phone call....reciting the product codes from a product I had bought and warning me that the product could be infected with Salmonella.
"You may," the taped voice explained,"return the item to your store or contact the manufacturer directly." Then she spewed out a variety of telephone numbers.

Is someone really taking note of my grocery list? I suppose I should be happy that a large business would notify me of a possible contamination and the company would take such notice very seriously. I even suppose some people were ill and traced it to specific products.

The difficulty? This was all about a container of nuts I had bought several weeks ago. The container is almost empty now and I have felt no ill effects. Theoretically, I could, and many people will, return those half-empty containers and get their money back or receive a new product. If my container were unopened, I might do the same, but there are only a few nuts left so I will finish them off. If "Big Brother" is going to keep an eye on me, I wish he would contact me earlier.

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