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Monday, August 25, 2008

Odd Shots on Monday - "An Indoor Surprise"

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Check out the modern convenience in the photo above of a stained glass window.
Do you see what I see?
Look in the upper right hand corner, just above the heads.
Let me know if you see it.


  1. You have a great eye for detail.

  2. Modern stained glass. Now that is odd and interesting.

  3. Very beautiful stained glass. The picture is odd. What are they doing? Tell us what that is on the right side.
    Check out my Odd Tree

  4. The original functional toilet was designed by an English man named Crapper, I remember that from a class on Architectural History in College..

  5. I don't know why that toilet is there where the red curtain can be drawn around it. Maybe because it was an English invention? Good info, Uncle Dan, leave it to you have a bit of trivia!

  6. I might not have noticed the toilet if you hadn't said to look for it. Odd indeed for stained glass.

  7. Ha ha..I wonder if that was the artist's joke. You do have a good eye for detail...

  8. Oh, my. It must be a modern stained glass--I don't think you would find that in a Renaissance piece, though maybe in some painters.

    We do, indeed, sleep in our Little Guy trailer. It's interior is just bed sized, and it has a hatch at the back for a bit of a galley, a smll bit of cupboard space, and a platform on the front to carry some extra supplies.


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