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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Travels with Em - "The Stained Glass Window"

I am always moved to wonder at the beauty of stained glass in our churches. Light dances through the colored glass so painstakingly placed in the windows. Inside, the sun streams in to cast fragments of color on calm, sedate rows of pews filled, or waiting to be filled, by worshippers. Outside, a warm glow beckons to us with the promise of hope within.
Most of the windows depict Biblical scenes or saints, but this one in Christ Church Cathedral is a little different. In deference to Oxford's relationship to Lewis Carroll, characters from his books grace the stained glass window. They are found in the corners of the individual panes.

Christ Church is a unique institution, one of the largest colleges in the University of Oxford and, at the same time, the Cathedral Church for the Diocese of Oxford.

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  1. What whimsical stained glass! I am reminded of a church near Birmingham UK that I visited some time ago. The cherubs were modelled on family members, and one dear little cherub was a Downs Syndrome child! One can get a littled tired of bearded saints!

    I see your travels have brought you our way. Did you ever visit Newcastle in NSW?

  2. It has been a number of years since we lived in Sydney, but we made trips to all the little towns withing driving distance, and a few farther out....Jenolan Caves, Sale, Alice Springs, Bondi Beach. I can't remember all the places, but I do know the name "Newcastle."
    DH joined the Aussies in playing Softball with the Manly-Warringah Leagues Club.


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