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Saturday, August 9, 2008

PhotoHunt - "Dark"

Check out PhotoHunt for more "Dark" pictures.

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  1. Very mysterious! It has a nice eerie feeling to it.

  2. Now THAT is an awesome shot! Were you thrilled with it when you took it? Or was it an "oh dang! Ya can't see HIM! Let's try a different setting..."? I LOVE it!

  3. It wasn't scary. There was just little light. Yes, my first reaction was I had messed up, but looking at it later, I liked the result artisticly ( that a word?) I took one with a flash for him.
    This is a sample cart that carries you to the top of the St Louis Arch. It holds 5 people and this is one smal1 10 year-old.

  4. I don't think I have any of the photos from the trip unless they were posted there....

    But then you haven't been home much;)

  5. Most of the photos here on the blog are from the last trip.

  6. hi there! thanks for droppin' by my site.
    great photo for this theme! i kind of get an eerie feeling though if i look at it too long... hehe. :D


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