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Monday, August 4, 2008

Travels with Em - "Two Towers"

Em was a real trooper as we walked and walked and walked some more. We covered 5-10 miles every day we were in London. I know that is true because I had a pedometer. We climbed a lot of stairs in Oxford.

...and some of the narrowest stairs. I wonder if people were that much smaller or if they just didn't all climb to the top of the tower.

I wonder if past generations would be surprised to discover that Carfax Tower is right downtown.

All promised the best views of the city and all the offerings were very good, but one set of these stairs would have been sufficient. Still, I had to wonder as I was climbing, how many feet had gone before me over the centuries. How long did it take to make a wide groove into the center of the step as each person wore away a small amount of the stone with his passing? Surely it was men who climbed these steps, not often women in their long gowns. The views have changed dramatically, but buildings were constructed to last.
Of course, there were no building regulations, so the original stairs were of different heights and widths, proceeding in a tight spiral to the top. Often the top is a tight squeeze as well. I wonder how they shot their arrows from such small spaces.
Em and friend clamber up these newer stairs of Carfax Tower, while I rest on the premise of taking a photo.Posted by Picasa
We both enjoy the views from the top of Carfax.

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  1. Oh you're traveling..What fun to go to London and great photos...Hope the weather is good for you there..


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